Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PumpkinPye Boutique!

Looking for unique or custom jewelry? Looking for an eco-friendly artist? How about an artist who totally thinks out of the box and truly enjoys from the depths of her soul her work? Well if you are, PumpkinPye Boutique is a shop for you! Check her out:
My name is Tiffany Battel and I recently became a mother to my daughter, Ava Sky and she has brought me so much inspiration to continue my arts. I love to make unique pieces of jewelry using polymer clay and creating something new and cutting edge/trendy.

My polymer clay pieces started back when I was about 10 years old! My best friend and I, Teresa Garcia (http://www.mgarcia123.etsy.com)were bored one summer and discovered polymer clay. Our first items we made were swirled mushrooms and ladybugs. We used the metal in the twist ties for the little antennae on the lady bug.. OUCH! What were we thinking!? But we loved doing it and made some cute things. Years went by and I steered away from polymer clay and into pencil drawings, acrylics, and some other crafts. Back in June 2008, I was pregnant and due to have my daughter on June 12th and stumbled across some polymer clay things on google and thought, wow.. I could do this stuff again! Right then, I got up and dug out my old bag of polymer clay... in fact, years old polymer clay that I had saved and it was still in usable condition! I started sculpting some things out literally the night before I gave birth to my daughter and signed up on etsy that very night. I didn't actually open up Pumpkin Pye Boutique officially until October 2008.

I've also been doing pottery since 2004 which is up for sale in my boutique as well. I hope to expand my boutique with other handmade items in the very near future so it is important to keep checking back often! There are always new items being added in my boutique as well as great sales and exclusives! I hope to promote my website and to get other people as excited and passionate as I am about the arts.

I've added great new items to my shop in the past few weeks. I have silver jewelry items, felt items, handmade polymer clay necklaces with peanut butter and jelly charms, macaroni and cheese charms and the list goes on! I've even added great pieces of pottery which were also hand crafted by myself as well. I've taken up a few hobbies over the past few years and put an incredible amount of time and patience into each hand crafted item so people can enjoy the beauty of art.

One day, I hope to take up sewing on a sewing machine and expand my shop in the near future. I have to get this hand me down sewing machine fixed first!!

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With the newest addition to our family I resigned from my position in corporate America to spend some quality time raising our son, Ryan. With a few spare minutes I have tried to pick up some various crafts. Graphic design, jewelry making, photography, sewing, and other various sentimental crafts have really caught my attention. Please feel free to browse around and ask any questions!